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One Way Ministries International:

Ministere într-un singur sens

Building bridges of hope, village by village.

Sponsor a leader for $0.83 per day. Empower these courageous individuals to travel to perilous, unreached areas each month, where they risk their lives to make a difference. Pictures blurred for their safety. Click here to search by country. 

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Our Partners

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One Way Ministries International: Facing the Unseen Challenges of the Great Commission

Unreached People Groups: We focus on regions and people groups that haven't heard the name of Jesus before. 

Uncharted Territories: Navigating challenging terrain and unfamiliar regions often involves days of travel on foot. 

High-Risk Areas: Working in areas with the Taliban and other extremist groups results in frequent reports of violence, imprisonment, and even death.

Big Goals: Our goal is to plant a church in every village in seven countries in South and Southeast Asia, despite formidable challenges.

Restricted Areas : Many of the places we work in have restrictions in place to keep the gospel out. This requires strategic focus and a close relationship with the living and active God.

Seizing the Opportunity: One Way Ministries International's Vision for the Unreached

Church in Every Village: We map and strategically plant churches where there are no churches, with the goal of at least one in every village. 

Global Footprint: We train people across the globe with our proven method of power and authority evangelism and church planting. 

Multiplication: We train our disciples to go out and make disciples that will make more disciples, so we can have an exponential impact.

Unity in Purpose: We aim to join forces with the global Christian community to do something greater than we could alone.

Strength in Numbers: We have 350+ committed leaders planting churches and making disciples daily. with the goal of 1,000 by 2025.

Business Initiative: We want to start and grow new businesses so we can witness to people in the marketplace and fund the gospel to help fulfil the great commission.

unreached people group ministry
Unreached people group ministry

One Way Ministries International: Lighting the Way to a Fulfilled Great Commission

New Way of Thinking: The church typically focus on areas next to them even though most have already heard the name of Jesus. We go beyond these borders, establish churches and train them to reach their neighbors, and repeat. 

Breaking Mental Barriers: We don't limit ourselves by what we see other organizations do or even what we do, we know God can do greater than we imagine, so we are always open to huge things God wants to do through us.

Military Minded: The founder and president was a Marine Corps veteran that uses his experience in the military to go out and conquer new territory for Jesus. 
Holy Spirit Guidance: We follow the Bible in all that we do and rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.

OWMI Articles & Testimonies

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All of your donations go towards the great commission. We don't have buildings or other maintenance costs. On average, it costs $0.50 to lead one person to Jesus and about $30 to plant one new house church.  

What We Do

Plant Churches: In areas with extreme persecution, we need to create new churches that the public can't see. We call these underground house churches. Each church has between 7 and 20 members.

Evangelize: We train and encourage all leaders and church members to evangelize in order to reach as many people as they can within their own communities.

Make Disciples: Not only do we evangelize, but we encourage all new believers to join our churches and go through our training to become active disciples that will create other active disciples.

Mapping and Strategic Planning: We collect reports from all of our leaders and churches so we know where our churches are so we can plan where we need to go next so we can efficiently reach the ends of the earth.

india church movement
India Baptism

What a House Church Planting Leader Does

House Church Planting Leader's would be responsible for: 

Vision and Direction: Setting the vision for the church and it ensuring it aligns with biblical teachings.

Outreach: Engaging with communities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship: Ensuring members are growing in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

Mentorship: Training and nurturing potential leaders within the group who can start their own house churches.

Logistics: Organize meetings, facilitating discussions, and ensuring conducive environments for worship and fellowship. They also collect reports and visit house churches within their region to verify and ensure accountability. 

Click here to see what a missionary does in OWMI.

Countries We Focus On

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia have some of the lowest amounts of Christians in the world. We currently have 350+ highly trained leaders working in these unreached areas (and others), spreading the gospel everyday. We are an unreached peoples ministry that strategically maps and focuses on areas of unreached people groups and places that have low amounts of Christians with an emphasis on church planting and multiplication.

One Way Ministry
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